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Why you should add photos
  • Get 20 times more responses
  • Express yourself in more than one way.
  • Acceptable Formats : GIF and JPG.
Tips for the perfect photo
  • Ensure that all the photos are just of yourself and no one else is there.
  • The main photo should be close-up.
  • The sub photo may be in different postures.
  • Ensure that all photos are clear and atleast post card size.
My Photo Manager
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Sub Photo
Use any of the following options to Add Photo(s) to your Profile

1. Email your photos

If your photo is not in GIF/JPG format or if the image size is more than 100KB, email your photos to info@bharatmatchpoint.com with your Matrimony Id & Password. We will reduce the image size and upload it, absolutely FREE. If your photos are already uploaded, please indicate which photo you would like to replace.
2. Send your photos by post
If you do not have a scanner, send your photos by post to any of our offices across the globe with your Matrimony ID and Password. We will upload your photo, absolutely FREE. If you want your photos back enclose a self addressed envelope with pre-paid postage.
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